Michigan Magic Academy Instructors

MagicBob Zoerman

 MagicBob is the licensed presenter for the Discover Magic  program in West Michigan. His credentials include almost 5,000 magic  shows presented both domestically and internationally along with his  wife SuZie,  an accomplished performance chalk artist. MagicBob has also delivered  countless lectures and training sessions for both children and adults.  He holds a number of university degrees including degrees in engineering  and business from Johns Hopkins University. He uses his education to  enhance his programs, encouraging students in the value of getting a  good education.

He joined his first magic club over 30 years ago  and is a member of both the International Brotherhood of Magicians and  of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians. In addition to earning many  awards, MagicBob earned the Doctor of Magic degree from the  International Magician's Society. 

SuZie Zoerman

SuZie Zoerman has taught and lectured at many conferences for both  children and adults. Her performance skills have amazed audiences around  the world. SuZie is a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, the Fellowship of Christian Magicians, and is a trained Michigan Magic Academy instructor. 

Carrie Rostollan

Carrie has been  a professional magician for over ten years, entertaining and inspiring  the young and the young at heart. Through her act, called Proximity  Illusions, she has delighted many family  and corporate audiences around Michigan. Carrie is a member of the  International Brotherhood of Magicians, the Fellowship of Christian  Magicians, and is a trained Michigan Magic Academy instructor.